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Frequently Asked Questions



1. Why and where should ice and water shield be used on my roof?

Ice and water shield protection should be used in all places that hold a buildup of winter snow and ice, such as bottom edges, outer edges, inside valleys, and around skylights, chimneys, and walls.
2. Why put down a layer of felt before shingles?

Fifteen-pound roofing felt is a protective moisture barrier to separate the shingle from your plywood or board roof surface. It is also protection just in case a shingle happens to blow out or slide out of place during a storm.
3. How should I take care of my gutters?

Gutters are ultimately a problem for most homes in the Northeast. They collect leaves, mud, ice, and snow, which can create ice dams. Gutters should be maintained by removing debris at least every two years. Contacting a seamless gutter company is your best alternative.
4. Why does my chimney leak?

Chimneys may leak for a number of reasons including: improper lead flashing, old lead flashing, lack of a cricket on the steep side of the chimney, or the masonry is absorbing water through the pores. Remedies can be as simple as a good water sealer on the masonry, re-flashing the chimney with new lead, or building a cricket to redirect water away from the backside of the chimney.

5. When should I remove my old roof?

Most building codes only allow two layers of roofing on a structure. This is due to the weight of the shingles. Most shingle manufacturers have made it so removing the old roofing will give you the full extent of their warranty. Removing all of the old existing roofing is highly recommended to ensure the proper under layment is installed.

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